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Is your profile pic more than 12 months old?

I've come across, recently, what seems like a large number of people online that have what MUST be severely out of date profile pics.  This is outside of the inordinate numbers of profile pics that are just flat out bad, out of focus, obviously cropped from a large group shot, bluryy, grainy, or not even of their face.

Remember your profile pic represents you and if you do much online for work its imperative to have your profile pic reflect the same type of impression you'd like people to have of you if you were in the office meeting face to face.  If you think I'm being too stodgy, then do this for me: follow the guidelines below for your LinkedIn profile if you have one, then do whatever the heck you want on FB, but remember, both speak to who you are as a person.

My friends over at Matters of Grey (@MattersofGrey) have made me aware of iPadisNotACamera via the eponymous hashtag. I've got to beleive there should be something that is a cross between that site and the sites dedicated to the horrible family photos that we all simultaneously laugh and cringe at while hoping not to see our own family pics circa 1982.  

Anywhoo....let's go people if you haven't updated your profile pics around the web in the last 12 months, its time.  Here's a few tips on how to update your face online:

  1. Wear a simple shirt/blouse
  2. Comb your hair.
  3. Use a decent camera (most mobile device cams are decent with enough light)
  4. Find a friend (No selfies)
  5. Go outside!
  6. Take both vertical and horizontal shots.
  7. Don't Use the flash! (if your camera thinks you need it, find another spot)
  8. Trade with your photog and return the favor.
  9. Remember the focus should be your face.
  10. Make sure you have the pics on your laptop, not just your mobile.

Pro Tip:  When you are posing strike the most natural smiley pose and then push your chin/forehead towards the camera. It will help define your jawline. Trust me it'll make you look better.